Trophy Room 2015

Trophy animals taken by Compass West Outfitters clients:
34 muzzle2015 bowAaron Neilson elk huntingamber 3bow hunting unit 16A Gila guided

bow hunting unit 36Colorado S-15 sheepColorado unit S-33 sheepearly rifle unit 36 elk hutningearly season rifle elk hunting new mexico

Gila unit 16A giantGuided unit 2 huntingheath 2huntsIMG_0793

IMG953584IMG957390_2January hunting New Mexicolate season hutning unit 36late season new mexico hunting

late season unit 36 huntslate season unit 36 rifle huntingMartys clients elkNew Mexico private ranch huntsNew Mexico youth hunting

nice unit 36 bullprivate land hunting new mexicoprivate ranch hunting unit 34 new mexicoprivate ranch hunts New Mexicoprivate ranch mule deer hunting

private ranch New Mexico unit 34rifle hunting new mexico (2)Rifle hunting New Mexicorifle unit 34rut rifle elk hunting New Mexico

super bull for unit 34super early rifle hunting bull unit 34unit 2 hunting new mexicounit 2 huntingunit 34 bow 1st season

unit 34 bow giantunit 34 bow hunting guidesunit 34 guided bow huntingunit 34 mobility impaired huntingunit 34 muzzleloader hunting

unit 34 private ranch tagsunit 34 rifle guided huntunit 34 rifle hunting New Mexicounit 34 youth hunting (2)unit 34 youth hunting

unit 36 2nd rifle huntunit 36 late season rifle guided elk huntingunit 36 private ranch bow huntingunit 36 private ranch huntsunit 36 rifle elk hunting

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