Sonora, Mexico

I’ve been working quietly with a partner in Mexico the past 5 years (he has been in MX for 12 years), we have logistics and legality worked out. These are SAFE, SOLID bad to the bone hunts for guys looking for quality deer that are all but gone in the US unless you have crazy points in Colorado or buck the .03% draw odds in New Mexico. I will be offering very limited Sunday to Sunday packages from Hermosillo, Mexico. Compass West Outfitters, Mexico plans to be in the camps each week as your host and I will also guide many weeks as possible. I will treat you to an incredible experience with us here in Old Mexico!

Sonora-mule-deerMule Deer: I have personally hunted or guided every one of these ranches. I will do my best to line you out for the hunt of a lifetime! Be it a traditional Sonoran high rack hunt or a more western style spot and stalk and glass hunt. We have a huge selection to get you on the style of hunt you choose. Many of my western hunters don’t even use a high rack they choose to spot stalk hunt, its awesome! We have almost 100,000 acres at our disposal now, we can line you out with the proper hunt you’re looking for as well as lots of additional space to hunt if things need to be adjusted as the week progresses. Hot spots change week to week year to year as we chase the rut through the incredible lands that we have at our disposal.

old-mexico-mule-deerCoues Deer: These hunts will be all spot and stalk hunt and high rack hunting. These hunts are primarily run with American guides who have a great deal of experience hunting coues. Our ranches speak volumes through the trophy photos each year. Rifle and our very special archery only area available in old Mexico with us. In 2023 we killed the new pending #2 pope and Young Coues deer, 133 5/8!!!!  We often times have tags available to add a mule deer onto your trophy quest that week!

Mule Deer

$16,000 1×1
Including gun permits

Coues Deer

$6,500 2×1
$7,000 1×1
Including gun permits


• We have a man on the ground for everything Mexico, We do our best to meet all clients face to face at airport with every hunter!
• We do all gun permits.
• English speaking guides and or drivers (50-75% English but know hunting language) some are full English speaking and some American guides.
• A fleet of pickups with high racks, back up trucks, and back up back up trucks.
• Nice houses or cement block cabins. Power and running water and showers at ALL ranches.
• Hermosillo to ranch, and back to Hermosillo transportation.
• NO need for COVID vaccinations in Mexico!

Please see the FORMS page on this site for the full breakdown of your hunt week in Mexico.  (Sonora, Mule deer and Coues booking packet)

Sheep Hunt: Sheep are on 2 very large ranches, free range hunts 10 day hunts on both ranches. They are close in quality 160-175 kind of rams, larger is possible.

Sheep Hunt

10 days from Hermosillo
If you do not draw blood you may return for 5 additional days to harvest your sheep. To date we have never used the return to hunt policy everyone has been successful in the first 5 days of the dream hunt!



Sun-rise-in-sonora  Coues-deer-hunting-in-Mexico-2  Sonora-mule-deer  Sonora-mexico-outfitter  Mexico-deer-hunting
Sonora-mexico-hunting-for-mule-deer  hunting-for-mule-deer-in-sonora-Mexico  old-mexico-mule-deer  coues-deer-hunting-in-mexico  mule-deer-outfitters-in-Sonora
Mexico-deer-hunting-6  Mexico-deer-hunting-5  Mexico-deer-hunting-4  Mexico-deer-hunting-3  Mexico-deer-hunting-2
old-Mexico-Mule-Deer-hunting  Old-Mexico-deer-hunting-5  Old-Mexico-deer-hunting-4  Old-Mexico-deer-hunting-3  Old-Mexico-deer-hunting-2
Old-Mexico-deer-hunting  mule-deer-in-sonora-guides  Mexico  Mexico-mule-deer-outfitters  Mexico-deer-outfitters
Mexico-cues-deer-hunting  Look-out-in-Sonora  Giant-mule-deer-in-Mexico  Coues-Deer-in-Mecico

All sheep and deer packages include a $500 administrative fee to cover: Gun Permits, on ground transportation to and from airport, cape freezer storage (cape handling for customs), hotel reservations and last night dinner in Hermosillo.


Reservation and cancellation policies:
Trip insurance is advisable.
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