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Colorado Elk hunts

Colorado has long been known as the elk hunting capital of the West.  Our elk areas are over-the-counter tags or very easy draw for early or late rifle hunting.  We are permitted over large areas and across the state, we have guides that specialize in the specific area that you will be hunting.  Our hunting in Colorado is all about you getting that western hunting experience.

We are pleased to be outfitting in the beautiful La Garita Wilderness, of the Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado unit 68 as well as in the San Juan National Forest units 73 & 74. We also are a permit holder on BLM lands in unit 66, unit 74, unit 75, unit 79, unit 80/81.  Within our permitted areas we are the only outfitter allowed to offer full service guided camps as well as drop camps, insuring our hunters access to the finest areas within our permitted area with no other guided pressure.

Saguache, Colorado: Rio Grande National Forest

La Garita Wilderness, Colorado Unit 68

La Garita Wilderness is a great choice for your Colorado dream hunt with over-the-counter bow, 2nd and 3rd rifle hunts, as well as great draw odds on 1st rifle, 4th rifle and muzzleloader hunts. We love to hunt high country and do very well on early season hunts in this area. These camps are located at 10-11,000 feet and are near the prime rutting areas  our elk inhabit. With large open areas and bugling elk, the hunt method of choice is a mix of spot and stalk on foot and the possibility of some horseback hunting if you desire.

Our main drive in base camp is located at about 10,500 feet right on the wilderness boundary. Here we can offer a few more comforts  like hot showers and full time cooks. Our more rugged back country spike camps are located on the edges of black timber just below tree line.  There is also a very high chance that we will/could use spike camps as well on your hunt from our base camp to stay right in the middle of the action!

Drive-in camps: Rio Grande National Forest, La Garita Wilderness boundary, Unit 68

Camp-in-unit-68-set-upThese camps are right in the middle of the migration routes as well as in the wintering areas and the home range to year round resident herds of elk. Early season bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunts can all be good from this base camp. Camps are easily accessed by 4×4 trucks and hunting is done on foot with the aid of trucks, ATV’s and only if you desire or plan for it, horseback.

You will be sleeping in canvas wall tents with cots, sleeping mats. There will be 2 people in each 10×12 tent or 4 people in a 14×17 tent. There is also a dining tent that has a wood stove as well as tables and chairs to relax and enjoy dinner or a game of cards at night. We have hot water showers and full time cooks in base camps.

Wilderness spike camps: La Garita Wilderness, Colorado Unit 68

These very basic camps are located very remote in the wilderness areas of unit 68. These camps are much more basic than our main base camp but offer what you will need to stay in the action. You and your guide will be the only residents of these camps. Clients will “enjoy” freeze dried meals and bare bones amenities as the only access is horseback or hiking in on foot.   We will pack you and your gear into your location and drop you off.  Hunting will be done on foot from all spike camps.  You will stay in small one man tents and reside in the middle of the action for the entire hunt.  With a call to the wrangler he will pick up your meat, or you can call for a move one time on your scheduled hunt.  Day hunting from the spike camps will be entirely on foot and at 11,500+ feet in elevation.  This is a backpack sheep style hunt for hardcore hunters!


7 Day Bow (over the counter)

$5,500 2×1
$6,500 1×1

7 Day Muzzleloader (0-2 points)

$6,500 1×1

1st Rifle (0-1 points)

$5,500 2×1
$6,500 1×1

2nd Rifle (over the counter)

$5,500 2×1
$6,500 1×1

3rd Season Drive In Only (over the counter)

$5,500 2×1 plus meals and lodging
$6,500 1×1 plus meals and lodging

4th Season Drive In Only (0-1 points)

$5,500 2×1 plus meals and lodging
$6,500 1×1 plus meals and lodging

Cow Elk – 3 Days (Draw 0 points)

$2,500 2×1 plus meals and lodging

1×1 Rate Add



Mancos/Durango, Colorado: San Juan National Forest, Units 73 and 74

*This area is now a draw hunt unit for bow season!

trying-to-get-it-done!We also elk and mule deer hunt in the southwestern corner of Colorado near the New Mexico border. The towns of Durango and Mancos, Colorado are the closest towns that you are likely to know. These Colorado guided elk hunts are in game unit 73 & 74 and take place in the San Juan National Forest where I am under a special permit, in fact we have the ONLY outfitter permit in all of unit 73. Our area covers everything from 11,000 foot elevations to lower elevations where migration hunts take place at about 7,000 feet.  We offer both fully guided drive in camps and un-guided drop camps where you can drive in to your camp and use 4×4 or ATVs to access your hunting areas.

Unit 73 & 74 Durango Colorado Area Hunting
2×1 guided elk hunts with camp lodging, meals and guides. Prices are per person.

7 Day Bow


7 Day Muzzleloader *DRAW


1st Rifle *DRAW


2nd Rifle Drive in Only *NO DRAW


3rd Season Drive In *NO DRAW


4th Season Drive In *DRAW


Cow Elk – 3 Days *DRAW


Mule Deer/Bear Combo

Kill fee on bear or mule deer add on

1×1 Rate Add


colorado-GMU-68-elk-hunting 2008-Elk-4 unit-68 hunt-shower help-on-the-way
guided-hunt-in-GMU-68-Color Colorado-unit-68-elk-huntin 20171015_185354 20171016_160147 20171018_13000320171017_203957 20171017_163252 COlorado-unit-68-base-camp DInner-time-in-COlorado-unit-68 Great-view-of-the-La-Garita-Wilderness-unit-68
Happy-unit-68-hunter help-on-the-way Home-seet-home

There will be no refunds if you arrive with no hunters safety card!

Reservation and cancellation policies:
Once you draw, a deposit of 50% is due for all New Mexico hunting packages. Full
payment is due before August 5th; all hunts prices are plus NM state licenses and tax.
Your deposit will be refunded only if YOU can fill your spot with a new hunter. Trip
insurance is advisable: hunters that do not show or cancel reservations after the draw will
be billed the full hunt cost. Disputes over billing will be handled in the Courts of San Juan
County New Mexico between March 1st and August 15th only.
Call us to Book a Hunt
(505) 801-7500

Colorado GUIDED hunts include:
All in field transportation for hunting, all meals, fully guided hunting days, tent lodging, and field work of elk including caping, quartering and packing out to trail head.

 Colorado trips do NOT include:
Hunting license fees, transportation to and from home to base camps, sleeping bags, towels, pillows, personal items, rifles or ammunition, meat packaging, transportation to Gunnison to have meat butchered, taxidermy, gratuities for guides and cooks, alcohol.

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Equal opportunity employer and provider, operating under permits from the San Juan National Forest as well as the Rio Grande National Forest. We are licensed by DORA (#1929) since 1997. Insured by Philadelphia and bonded by Western Surety, copies furnished on request

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